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Spring Newsletter 2019 Newsletter
  • Is Farmland currently a good Investment?

  • Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

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Winter 2018-19 Newsletter
  • Farmland Values & leases

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Farmland Insights, Spring 2018 Newsletter
  • Soybean planted area may surpass corn in 2018/2019, a first.

  • Don't bet on the turn of the U.S. Land Market Yet

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Winter 2017 Farmland in Perspective Newsletter
  • Average share of income spent on total food in U.S. remains relatively constant.

  • How does the U.S. compete in global crop agriculture?

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Spring 2017 Newsletter
  • Non-operator landlords more likely to inherit land than operator landlords.

  • U.S. ethanol use continues to grow; prices reach decade lows.

  • Even as the leading producer, China still leads among global pork importers.

  • What the Trump administration may mean for absentee owners of farmland

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Winter 2015-2016 Farmland in Perspective Newsletter
  • Growth in average U.S. farm real estate value slows

  • Non-operating landlords own 31% of U.S. farmland

  • What's happening with land values?

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Fall 2014 Newsletter
  • Despite gains, food insecurity remains concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • 2014 Farm Real Estate Value by State

  • Asia and Western Hemisphere propel growth in U.S. agricultural exports

  • Manage your farm for optimal income and investment results

  • Farm business well-positioned financially

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Summer 2014 Newsletter
  • 2012 Census of Agriculture shows fewer U.S. farms

  • Corn yield growth supports rapid expansion of Brazilian corn production.

  • U.S. ad exports rose as U.S. dollar depreciated

  • 80% of the 2014 farm bill outlays go for nutritional programs

  • What Landowners Need to Know About the New Farm Bill

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Spring 2014 Newsletter
  • Crop production is concentrated in California and the Midwest

  • SNAP participation varies across states

  • Agriculture and related industries provide 9.1% of U.S. employment

  • Brazil may surpass U.S. soybean production in 2013/2014

  • Drought risk generally increases from East to West

  • Effective Estate Planning for Landowners

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Winter 2014 Newsletter
  • Developing countries' demand for ag products outstrips production

  • Agricultural Land Values Highlights

  • Global Outlook on Crop Production

  • U.S ag exports to China grow even as China increases domestic farm support

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Fall 2013 Newsletter
  • Climatism by Steve Goreham Science, Common Sense and the 21st Centrury's hottest topic

  • Use of No-till Practices

  • China emerges as world's dominant soybean importer

  • Is Climate Change Cyclical?

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Summer 2013 Newsletter
  • SNAP Program totals to $78.3 billion of USDA budget in 2012

  • Rising incomes in developing countries support world trade.

  • Notable crop acre shifts, 2006-2012

  • Farm share of U.S. Food dollar up in 2011

  • Is today's agricultural prosperity sustainable?

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Spring 2013 Newsletter
  • During the last 50 years, fewer dollars spent on food

  • U.S per capita availability of chicken tops beef in 2010

  • Increased China corn production boosts 2012/13 global output

  • Brazil leads the world in exports of soybean & soybean products

  • Many farm operators are retirement age

  • Outlook for the Dollar and Farmland Values

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Winter 2013 Newsletter
  • Farm production expenses post another increase

  • Weather impacts commodity prices

  • Hired labor accounts for a large share of productions costs for some crops

  • Food insecurity was concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2012

  • How ethanol economics, energy policy and farmland values interrelate

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Fall 2012 Newsletter
  • U.S agricultural trade with NAFTA countries reaches record levels in 2011

  • Salaries and benefits half of U.S. food dollar

  • Importance of Trade in U.S. Agriculture, Export-to-production ratios

  • Trade barriers protect Japan's agriculture sector

  • Professional farm managers offer advantages

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Summer 2012 Newsletter
  • R&D Drives Ag Productivity Increases

  • U.S & EU enter partnership in organic trade

  • Organic crop production in the U.S.

  • China dominates global import demand for soybeans

  • Relatively little U.S. farmland is foreign owned

  • Despite congressional uncertainties, estate planning remains as important as ever

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Spring 2012 Newsletter
  • GE crops now mainstream

  • Since NAFTA's implementation in 1994, U.S. agricultural trade with Canada and Mexico has flourished

  • Changes in leading world exporters of corn

  • Does Today's Farmland Market Make Sense?

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Winter 2012 Newsletter
  • Brazil sees record soybean supply

  • U.S. agriculture productivity continues to rise

  • World populations reached 7 billion milestone

  • Leasing trends, What should my farm earn?

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Fall 2011 Newsletter
  • The supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) accouinted for 72% of USDA's domestic food assistance in FY 2010 and some 68% of the total USDA farm program budget

  • China corn production and use increases

  • U.S. farm real estate values increase

  • Crop Production Cost Climb

  • Practical insights for successful farmland sales

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Summer 2011 Newsletter
  • Increase in global food demand to come from developing countries

  • For what do food dollars pay?

  • Verbal Lease Notification Dates

  • China remains a growth market

  • How Recent Tax Changes Affect Landowners

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Spring 2011 Newsletter
  • Ethanol By-Products Become Livestock Feed

  • 2010 Crop Production Summary

  • Insights on key trading partners

  • Several factors drive today's land prices

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Winter 2011 Newsletter
  • Ethanol refineries prefer the Corn Belt

  • Who are the "Locally Grown" producers?

  • Despite a downturn in 2009, U.S. agricultural trade still shows a surplus

  • A "cheap" dollar helps U.S. agricultural trade

  • Uncertainty in tax laws hobble estate planning

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Fall 2010 Newsletter
  • Brazilian Competition in Soybean Production

  • U.S. farm real estate increases 1.4% from 2009

  • U.S. exports answer world market needs

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Summer 2010 Newsletter
  • Comparison of Farm Profiles in Midwest States

  • Nearly 2/3 of USDA budget spent on food assistance programs

  • Farmland Investments Show Strong Returns, Low Risk

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Spring 2010 Newsletter
  • Boom in organic sales continues

  • Projections for U.S. Agriculture

  • What to expect from an appraisal of your farm

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Winter 2010 Newsletter
  • Sustained Growth Corn Productivity

  • Use of Flexible Cash Rent

  • China Shifts Corn Use to Industrial Products

  • What should your cash rent be?

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Fall 2009 Newsletter
  • Genetically Engineered Corn & Soybeans see rapidly expanding use

  • Farmland Values Soften

  • The 14 Mistakes Your Farmland Broker and Realtor Can Help You Avoid

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Spring 2009 Newsletter
  • Colombia: New Ethanol Producer on the Rise?

  • Agricultural land ownership has remained stable

  • Highlights from the Census of Agriculture

  • Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Gets Guaranteed Loan

  • Current Financial Turmoil: The Impact on Farmland Values-Prospects for 2009 Clouded

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Winter 2009 Newsletter
  • Number of U.S. Farms and Average Farm Size, 1900-1997

  • Rice situation and outlook

  • Cotton Lags As Global Economy Slows

  • Farmland Investments Increase 52X, 1900-2000

  • World Crops and Economic Prospects Affect U.S. Exports

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Fall 2008 Newsletter
  • Corn's Dominance Continues

  • 2008 Farm Real Estate Value by State

  • Lease Dates to Remember

  • Farm Trends: The United States contains more arable land than any other nation.

  • The 2008 Farm Bill: The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008

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Summer 2008 Newsletter
  • Land Use After a CRP Contract

  • U.S. Taste for Imports

  • The Changing Face of Agriculture in Mexico

  • Booming Land Values Create Opportunities & Uncertainties

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Spring 2008 Newsletter
  • 2007 Cropland Cash Rent by State

  • The U.S. Ranks as the World's Largest Ag Exporter

  • U.S. Average Cropland Cash Rent

  • How Dependent are Ag Industries on Overseas Markets?

  • The Financial Power of Investing in Land

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A "cheap" dollar helps U.S. agricultural trade

A "cheap" dollar helps U.S. agricultural trade

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Several factors drive today's land prices

Several factors drive today's land prices

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Crop production is concentrated in California and the Midwest

Crop production is concentrated in California and the Midwest

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