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Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC Services for Illinois farm, commercial, development, residential real estate

You will find a broad spectrum of real estate Illinois land brokerage services are available at Goodwin and Associates. Our highly qualified land sales and marketing professionals focus on real estate in the northern two-thirds of Illinois, including the collar counties of Chicago. We have more than 25 years of land sale experience and are one of the best known and most respected Illinois land brokerage firms in Illinois.

If you are interested in farmland, residential development land, industrial development land or commercial land, choose Goodwin and Associates. Along with providing a personal touch, we understand the complexity of a land sale or 1031 exchange and understand your attachment to land.

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Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC

Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC was formed in 1996 by Mark Goodwin, a University of Illinois graduate and vocational agriculture teacher. His firm numbers among the best real estate firms in the area for buyers and sellers of farm, commercial, development and residential land. Read More

Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)
2011 Award Recipient
Rotary International MemberRotary International Member
CCIM CertifiedCCIM Certified
Illinois REALTORS® Land Institute  (RLI)REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI)
2011 Award Recipient

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