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Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC is real-estate Illinois Land Brokerage Company that specializes in Land brokerage in Custer Township, Illinois. Our focus is to assist both buyers and sellers with their land assets. We can help with marketing a land holding be it farmland, industrial land, retail land, commercial land, residential development land or finish commercial lots, residential lots and industrial lots in Custer Township, Illinois. If you’re searching for a land investment or for a specific need we can help you find farmland, residential development land, retail development land or industrial development land in Custer Township, Illinois.

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25 Acre Butterfield Farms
25 Acre Butterfield Farms
** Under Contract **
Total Investment: $225,000.00
Unit Price: $9,000 per acre
Gross Land Area: 25 Acres
County: Will
City: Wilmington, IL
Township: Custer
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Butterfield Farms
Butterfield Farms
** Under Contract **
Total Investment: $2,637,000.00
Unit Price: $9,000 per acre
Gross Land Area: 293 Acre in 4 Parcels
County: Will
City: Wilmington, IL
Township: Custer
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Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC

It’s hard to find a real-estate professional that specializes in Illinois Land Brokerage. Land brokerage is a very specialized segment of the real-estate industry and Illinois Land Brokers are hard to find. Any agent can sell a farm, but how many have the experience, expertise and qualifications of Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC?

Mark Goodwin is a Illinois Land Broker who he can advise you about your land asset. It takes a knowledgeable Illinois Land Broker to understand how best to market your land asset or find the property that best fits the investors needs or desires. Goodwin and Associates is the land broker for you in Custer Township, Illinois. Goodwin can help you with marketing or selecting farmland, commercial land, retail land, industrial land, residential development land, industrial development land, bulk sale residential lots, industrial lots and commercial lots.

Mark Goodwin Illinois Land Broker

Mark Goodwin

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Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC was formed in 1996 by Mark Goodwin, a University of Illinois graduate and vocational agriculture teacher. His firm numbers among the best real estate firms in the area for buyers and sellers of farm, commercial, development and residential land. Read More

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