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National Realtors Land Institute Conference Dallas Texas

The conference was opened by National RLI President Bob Turner ALC, from Tennessee. The conference is a great opportunity for professional land brokers to share ideas on marketing, technology, government regulations, and network. The two main conference speakers were Mark Dotzour, PhD, Economist, Texas A&M University and K.C. Conway, CRE Senior Credit Risk Officer, SunTrust Bank.  Both economist were guardedly bullish on the economy for the short term. They felt the United States is still the safest economy in the world for investment. Many European countries and Japan are offering negative basis points for investment in their bonds. These countries are printing money faster than they are able purchase back their own government bonds. This intern a makes farmland investment with a 2-3% return look very appealing in the eyes of foreign investors. The long term economic cycle suggests a recession could be possible in the next 12-18 months.

Russel Riggs the NAR lobbyist for RLI brought us up to date on the WOTUS (Waters of the US) I recommend you pay attention to this growing issue if you have not already been an activist with your congressman or senator. This is a potential far reaching EPA regulation that could cause issues with farm ponds, grass waterways, streams and drainage tile.  Currently it is on temporary hold by the district courts. More to come on this very important topic.

Other topics discussed during breakout sessions were. The use of drones in marketing farms and ranches, highlights and lowlights of tax reform, the many ways new technology can help us do a better job of marketing farms and ranches
National Realtors Land Institute Conference Dallas Texas

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